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Almo fails to get Azure DevOPS project list

If you are unable to get Azure DevOPS projects while using Almo then please follow these basic troubleshooting steps. Make sure Almo is installed properly Read this post to ensure the right components of Almo are present on your computer and that you have access to those. Make sure you have permissions in Azure DevOPS […]

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Check the version of your product

This article explains how you can check the version of either Almo or TMO once they are installed within Outlook. This post and its steps are applicable to both TMO and Almo For Outlook, our two flagship products. To check the version of your product using these steps in the order listed below. Use the […]

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Registry entries for Almo to connect to Azure DevOPS

A few registry keys are essential for Almo to function properly. Without these registry settings Almo will not be able to connect to Azure DevOPS to fetch project lists or create and modify work items. These registry keys are created by the Almo installer however if you are organization uses a software distribution system, they […]

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