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Quick Start Videos

Play Video to Create work items in TFS from Outlook Emails

Link Work Items with Emails

Create a work item and link it to an existing Outlook Email using the UI you are already familiar with. Come back to the same email and load up the latest state of the work item to instantly know its progress.

Play Video to craete work item using custom work item types from Outlook.

Create Work Items using Custom Work Item Types

TMO Supports custom work item types in TFS and Visual Studio Team Services. You can use any custom work item types defined in your team projects with TMO.

PLay Video to use existing work items with Outlook Emails

Use Existing Work Items with Emails

Reuse your existing TFS or Azure DevOPS Service work items. TMO lets you search existing work items in TFS or Visual Studio Team Services and link them to Outlook emails. You can then keep tracking them from within Outlook!

What's New?

  • Latest Release

    What Changed

    • We now support more expressions within TMO's Template Engine.
    • Updated licensing management within TMO to remove version conflicts.
    • Various UI and UX experience enhancements and bug fixes.

    What Changed

    • Enhancement to click Auto Pilot Mode.
    • Updated all third party packages to latest versions.
    • Disabled the What's new screen on install.
    • Various UI and UX experience enhancements.

    What Changed

    • Zero click Work Item creation via Auto Pilot Mode.
    • Setup Auto Pilot rules to automatically link all incoming emails in a conversation to the same work item.
    • Various UI and UX experience enhancements.

    What Changed

    • TMO now supports Templates.
    • User the power of TMO Templates to pre-fill all the fields in your work items.

    What Changed

    • TMO now handles images in emails irrespective of their size.
    • Various UI and UX experience enhancements

    What Changed

    • TMO now supports Russian, German and French languages in addition to English.
    • Users can define the order in which the work item types appear in the New menu in Outlook.
    • Various UI and UX experience enhancements
  • v1.0.0

    Initial Release.

Frequently ask questions

Please find below answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How do I install TMO?

Please click here to download the latest version of TMO. Once downloaded double click the downloaded executable file to start the installation process. TMO will by default install itself to directory C:\Program Files\vi8\tmo

Pricing and Licensing

TMO automatically generates a 30 day demo license for you to evaluate the product. After that you can purchase an annual subscription for just $88! Your subscription is cancellable at any time.

Click here for our volume discount options.

Can TMO slow Outlook load Time?

Post installation, Outlook profiles all add-ins for the first 5 times to optimize their ideal loading sequence. You might notice a delay of not more than 1 second in this process. After about 6 such runs, Outlook automatically optimises TMO for the best possible load sequence.

Does TMO generate any log files?

TMO generates logs only in case of errors. The log files are located in %AppData%\vi8\tmo\logs folder where %AppData% is the standard environment variable defined on Windows. If you see any exceptions there please do email us the logs at [email protected]. You may also find logs created by Outlook in the Event Viewer of your system.

I have some feedback. Can I send it to you?

Of course and that’s great, thanks! We would love to hear from you on how we can make the product better. Please email us your feedback on [email protected] or alternatively use the Feedback button built into the product itself to send us your suggestions. Thanks again!

How can I troubleshoot TMO load issues?

TMO generates a few log files in case it runs into problems. However there could be potential situations when Outlook refuses to load TMO. To see what is preventing Outlook from loading TMO you can either look at the Application Logs in the Windows Event Viewer or you can set up a system environment variable that forces Outlook to show the errors it is facing. To do this follow the steps as explained here to add a system environment variable with the name of VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS and set its value as 0 (zero). Then close and launch Outlook again. This time Outlook should show you an error message detailing the problem it is facing. Copy that error text and please email us on [email protected]

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