Almo for Azure DevOps and Outlook
Almo for Azure DevOps and Outlook

Almo, our new tool to create Azure DevOps work items from Outlook is now ready for download. You can download Almo here – (Visual Studio Marketplace)

Almo uses REST APIs to interact with Azure DevOps Services. Almo has been designed to provide the same rich feature set as TMO ( however with the new REST APIs.

I use TMO, can I use Almo too?

Absolutely! Although we would recommend that you should uninstall TMO first before installing Almo. While installing Almo, it will automatically migrate your TMO settings to Almo. You are now ready to work with Azure DevOps and Outlook together.

Do I get another free trial!?

Yes! Even if you’ve had a free trial of TMO , you get a free trial for Almo. Download Almo now –

What if I need help?

If case you need help then please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are here to help!