Starting with TMO version 4.5 all work items that are created with TMO have a tag called TMO attached to them. To find all work items that have been created using TMO you can do the following

  • Click the Product Backlog button in the TMO toolbar to navigate to your team project portal.

    Click the product backlog button to navigate

    To navigate to team portal click the product backlog button

  • Once on the team portal go to the Workitems section. In the search bar on top right enter – Tags:”TMO”
Search for work itemsTags: TMO

Search for work items using Tag TMO

  • Hit the Enter key.

You should now be able to view all work items created using TMO. Please note that this feature is only enabled for work items created from version 4.5 of TMO. Only work items created using version 4.5 and later would have this tag added to them.