Welcome to TMO 4.5

Welcome to TMO 4.5

At TMO we always work backwards keeping customer needs in mind. We thank you all for your tremendous feedback and suggestion which helped us shape the major version upgrade of TMO. We have incorporated almost all suggestions made to us by our customers. Those suggestions which we weren’t able to squeeze in this release are all on the product backlog for our upcoming releases. So from all of us at TMO we thank you for this enormous support!

Following are some of the main features we have enabled with this release of TMO

  1. Search for work items created using TMO – You can now search for all the work items that are created using version 4.5 of TMO and higher. To read more visit this blog post here
  2. Create and use Templates in TMO – Templates are a very powerful feature that enables you to configure exactly how TMO should create work items. You can instruct TMO to extract specific fields out of an Outlook email and populate those values in the fields of a work item. You can set up a template to always assign a bug to a team or task to a person. You can read about templates in details
  3. Auto show or hide TMO – You can configure TMO to automatically load the work item form if a work item is linked to an Outlook object or to hide it. Read more

We do hope with this release of TMO we have helped you get more productive with TFS and Visual Studio Online. As always please do continue to send us your feedback by writing to us at [email protected] or by using the built in Feedback form in the product.

We look forward to hearing from you.