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Customise TMO With Setting Screen

Create and manage work items efficiently with TMO, an affordable add-in that seamlessly integrates Microsoft Outlook and TFS. TMO comes with preset rules to make work item management easier. You can easily change these rules...

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TMO – Quick Start Guide

TMO is a versatile and powerful Microsoft Outlook plugin. It enables you to create new work items, link them to an existing Outlook email, create custom work item types in TFS and Visual Studio Team Services, track the current...

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Feedback on TMO

Every product is a work-in-progress and TMO is no exception. We aim to position TMO as the most efficient work item management solution that saves your precious working hours daily. We welcome product feedback as your...

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Overview of TMO Work Item Form

TMO is a work item management solution that simplifies tasks for professionals like project managers, QAs, team leads and more. With TMO, you can: Link work items to an existing Microsoft Outlook email Create work items using...

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Check the version of your product

This article explains how you can check the version of either Almo or TMO once they are installed within Outlook. This post and its steps are applicable to both TMO and Almo For Outlook, our two flagship products. To check the...

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TMO with TFS 2020 and Azure DevOPS

[3rd March 2020] Almo is now available for use! You can download Almo using this link On 6th January 2020 we are announcing – Almo – our new...

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Upgrading to version 6.* of TMO

This post is relevant only if you are a current TMO user and you use a version of TMO which is less than version Settings File A file called setttings.json is used to keep all your user preference related settings. It...

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Auto Pilot in TMO

Auto Pilot engine creates work items automatically from incoming emails. You can set rules to tell Auto Pilot how work items should be created.

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What’s new in TMO 4.5

At TMO we always work backwards keeping customer needs in mind. We thank you all for your tremendous feedback and suggestion which helped us shape the major version upgrade of TMO. We have incorporated almost all suggestions...

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Find work items created with TMO

Starting with TMO version 4.5 all work items that are created with TMO have a tag called TMO attached to them. To find all work items that have been created using TMO you can do the following Click the Product Backlog button in...

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Templates in TMO

In this blog post we cover the new Templates feature that was first released in TMO version 4.5. Introduction Example and description of a Template Expressions in templates Creating a template while creating a work item Creating...

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