[3rd March 2020] Almo is now available for use! You can download Almo using this link https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=GOTMO.AlmoForOutlook

On 6th January 2020 we are announcing – Almo – our new product which supports Azure DevOPS natively. You can read more about Almo and our plans here.

What happens to my TMO licenses?

Almo will support all TMO users whose licenses are either valid in 2020 to their equivalent dates. Almo will also support all new TMO subscriptions purchased in 2020 for one year. Thus if you purchase a TMO subscription on 1st February 2020, Almo will support your TMO license until 30th January 2021.

We will work with all our users to ensure that your license is ported to your copy of Almo should you wish to shift to Almo. You can reach us at [email protected]

Original Post Below

Starting with TFS 2020 Microsoft is changing the API structure that they have traditionally supported with TFS.

Microsoft is removing the SOAP APIs which have been in use by all desktop clients such as TMO and Visual Studio. These APIs are used to interact with TFS and do work item tracking and management.

As a result these thick clients will not work out of the box with TFS 2020. While Microsoft is making available REST APIs, we are awaiting their direction for thick clients to integrate with TFS 2020. Until we have concrete understanding of this, we are unable to comment on TMO’s compatibility with TFS 2020.

Microsoft plans to roll out same changes to Azure DevOPS from 1st January 2020. We are currently working with Microsoft to understand this direction better and modify TMO accordingly to support TFS 2020.

As of today TMO is supported with Azure DevOPS until 31st December 2019 and TFS 2010 upwards except for TFS 2020.

We will update this blog post with more details in near future as we work with Microsoft towards building support for TFS 2020 in TMO.