This post is relevant only if you are a current TMO user and you use a version of TMO which is less than version

Settings File

A file called setttings.json is used to keep all your user preference related settings. It is present in the path


This is a human readable JSON file.

Changes to settings file

We have changed the JSON structure of settings file from version 6.0 onwards. We did this to drive memory improvements with the introduction of Auto Pilot Engine in TMO.

Since the structure has been changed, previous versions of TMO will no longer work on your machine once you install version 6.* family of TMO.

See below section to know how to downgrade back from version 6.*

Upgrading to version 6.*

TMO installer contains a transformation engine which will automatically transform the settings file from its previous format to its new structure. Before doing so it creates a copy of settings file in the same directory with the name “settings.1.0.bak”.

This whole process should be transparent to you.

Known Edge cases and their fixes

There are a few potential edge conditions where the transformation engine does not port over all the values while changing the format of the settings file.

If you face errors while launching TMO Settings dialogue, or if your work items do not appear in the “New WorkItem” menu anymore then please do the following

  • Open up settings.json in your preferred text editor
  • Look for the following line
  • Change it to
  • Or to
"wits":["Feature","Impediment","User Story","Task","Bug","Product Backlog Item","Issue","Requirement"]
  • Restart Your Outlook

This should fix the problem.

Downgrading from version 6.*

We request you to write to us at [email protected] before you decide to downgrade TMO.

However if you do want to downgrade then please do the following

  • Delete settings.json from the path %appdata%\vi8\tmo
  • Remove the following registry key
  • Please bear in mind that if your Windows is 32 bit, the registry key would be in the location

Download and install version 5.4 here

Exception Logs and Help

All exceptions and logs are present in the following location.


For any help at all please do write to us at [email protected] and attach the contents of this folder.