This article explains how you can check the version of either Almo or TMO once they are installed within Outlook. This post and its steps are applicable to both TMO and Almo For Outlook, our two flagship products.

To check the version of your product using these steps in the order listed below.

  1. Use the TMO or Almo menu to open the Help screen of the product. You will find this menu on the Outlook Ribbon as a separate tab alongside the other main tabs as shown.
Open TMO and Almo Help using the TMO anf Almo menu bar

2. This will launch the Help Screen of the product. Here you will find the version number of the installed product as shown in the screen below. You can also check for an updated version of your license if needed. To do this click the “Check for an updated license link” as shown in the screenshot below.

Use the help screen to check your product version or update your TMO and Almo License
Check your version and for an updated license

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